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At LQ Consulting and Management, we consider projects to be temporary, unique sets of operations that are designed to accomplish a singular goal. Whether this goal is to engineer and construct a mining complex or a residential home doesn’t matter—a project is the basis for meeting these goals. 

Most projects that fail do not do so due to lack of technical skills but rather because of inadequate project management. For a project to yield positive results and meet its goals, you need streamlined leadership and coordination, strategy, procedures, planning, and communication. Through our project management offered in Toronto, LQ Consulting and Management can help you meet your project goals.

Comprehensive Project Management Service

LQ Consulting and Management can manage all aspects of your construction, energy, or real estate project from start to finish. We combine our knowledge of project management with our expertise in each field to ensure your project is completed smoothly. Our project management services include:

  • Project leadership and coordination: Leadership and coordination are essential for keeping your project organized and running smoothly. We will act as your project coordinator to track and dispense all information to various team members so everyone can perform their jobs effectively. 
  • Project execution planning and strategy: Before getting started on your project, our team will help you with execution planning and strategy. At this time, we will help you define specific and measurable objectives, plan ahead for the unexpected, and develop a plan to measure progress throughout your project. 
  • Project procedures and plans: Prior to starting your project, you will need to develop plans and procedures on how you will meet your goals. To this end, we will help you determine how your project outputs will be delivered. 
  • Quality management: Quality management ensures that your project and its subsequent product are consistent. We provide both quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) to ensure all quality requirements will be fulfilled by your project. 
  • Resource planning: Having too few resources during your project means that timelines will be stalled and deadlines won’t be met. Having too many resources left over after your project is complete means money was wasted and efficiencies weren’t met. With our project management services, we offer resource planning to ensure you have the perfect amount of resources during and after your project. 
  • Scope development and planning: Scope development is the process of describing your project’s deliverables, goals, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and costs, as well as the work required to accomplish them. We will help you develop your scope and planning to meet these goals. 
  • Project communication strategy developments: How well you communicate with stakeholders during your project can determine if your project is a success or a failure. With our project management services, we will help you develop an effective communication plan.

Contact Us for Project Management in Toronto & Area

Because projects are temporary and unique, they often require a team consisting of people who don’t usually work together. These people could be from different organizations and across multiple geographies. To ensure that each member of your team is able to be effective during your project, you need effective project management. Toronto businesses rely on LQ Consulting and Management for helpful and effective project management. Contact us today for a consultation.

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