Project Controls in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

If your project isn’t meeting its budget or timeline, your customers and stakeholders will be very unhappy. To ensure their happiness and your timeliness, you need to effectively utilize project controls. 

Project controls are processes used to predict, understand, and influence the time and cost outcomes of a project. Using project controls, you’ll be able to minimize any differences between project planning and execution in order to meet your cost, time, and content goals. LQ Consulting and Management offers project control services for Toronto projects aiming to meet their goals.

Our Available Project Controls

Project controls include functions such as estimating, cost control, and risk analysis; while these controls have been effective in providing cost benefits to certain projects, each organization must decide upon an appropriate project controls strategy and plan so you don’t pay for more controls than the benefits they deliver. The typical project controls strategy we develop includes:

  • Planning and scheduling: During this stage you will need to determine the scope of the project. We will help you evaluate your team structure and assign tasks to those best suited for each task. 
  • Estimating: The cornerstone of cost control, estimating is the process used to predict quantities, costs, and the price of resources required to execute your project. We will help you look into the future of your project to determine your estimates. 
  • Cost control: Cost control is important throughout every stage of your project. For competent cost control, our team will help you gather, accumulate, analyze, monitor, report, and manage your project costs on an ongoing basis. 
  • Risk management: Risk management is designed to mitigate risks before they can become a real threat to your project. Predetermining risks before beginning your projects, as well as how to mitigate them, will save you time and money down the road. 
  • Change management: Both internal and external factors can affect your project and change its course. Change management will allow you to plan for the unexpected and set contingencies so your project can adapt to change. 
  • Project accounting: Tracking all financial components of a project, project accounting ensures budgets, estimates, costs, bookings, billings, and more are managed correctly. Project accounting is vital to ensure your project is profitable. 
  • Document control: Document control ensures good flow of information, which allows for smoother operations and timely work. We will help you set up document control policies and procedures for your project control to ensure problems such as confusion and financial losses are avoided.

The Importance of Project Controls in Toronto

Appropriate planning is the foundation of a successful project. In order to have appropriate planning, you need to have a sufficient set of controls in place for your project scheduling methods. By utilizing our project controls in Toronto, you’ll have a smooth project that will be much closer to reaching success. 

By hiring LQ Consulting and Management for your project controls in Toronto, your project will be more cost effective and delivered on time. You’ll meet your budget requirements and won’t be surprised by risks and changes that appear along the way. By ensuring you have effective project controls in place prior to starting your engineering, energy, or real estate project, you’ll be that much closer to reaching your goals. Contact us today for a consultation.

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