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Permits, Authorizations and the Steps Required to Build Custom Homes in Ontario

An aspiring custom homeowner may have a clear image of what they want their dream house to look like; however, there are several necessary considerations to take into account before commencing and achieving completion of their project. Before a new home can be built in Ontario, formal permissions and authorizations are required to ensure the new structure will comply with the requirements of authorities having jurisdiction, including zoning, Ontario Building Code and Ontario Fire Code. In doing so, this helps to ensure all newly constructed buildings within the province are not only structurally sound, but also meet a consistent standard throughout the municipality in which they are built.

Keep reading to learn more about the steps to build custom homes in Burlington, Toronto and surrounding areas in the GTA in regard to permits, authorizations and other important considerations.

Site Plan, Drawings and Specifications

When you have an idea of your custom home requirements, architects and designers can help bring your dream to life by assisting with the design development process. Working with a real estate project management firm such as LQ Consulting and Management can provide you access to their network of professionals and guide you in finding the most qualified and reputable designers and architects. These professionals will use their expertise to ensure your design is feasible, safe and compliant with applicable local bylaws, Ontario Building and Fire Codes when preparing the site plan, drawings and specifications necessary for building permit application.

Submitting Permit Application(s)
Once a site plan with appropriate drawings and specifications is finalized, you will be ready to submit a building permit application to the municipality in which your custom home will be constructed. It is important to include all the required documents with your application, or it may be refused. This list provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in Ontario can be a valuable resource to reference during this process.

If you plan to construct custom additions to your existing home such as decks, garages or pool enclosures, note that these will also need to comply with the guidelines set out by the municipality in which your project will be built. This includes the submission of drawings and specifications of these additions, and the appropriate permit applications required for them. For more information and an example of how to approach this process, the City of Toronto has guides for applications for various residential projects.

The Advantage of a Project Manager
Prospective custom home owners in Ontario must ensure they are meeting stringent building codes and safety practices during every phase of construction of their residence. Hiring a real estate project manager from LQ Consulting and Management will ease in the completion of your custom home project and ensure that the end result is not only of high quality construction, but compliant with all relevant municipal and provincial building codes throughout the process.

Turn to LQ Consulting and Management for professional project management for your next custom home building project. We believe in putting safety first and building value for all of our clients. Contact us today to learn
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